ONEMIX 2023 New Black Running Shoes for Men Waterproof Breathable Training Sneakers Male Outdoor Anti-Slip Trekking Sports Shoes

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Smart era black technology
Password waterproofing works wonders
The first layer of code: knitted stretch layer
The second layer of password: Nano waterproof layer
The third layer of the password: is fiber the breathable layer
Silicon Valley Nanomaterials Technology
Waterproof not just for waterproofing
Breathable and waterproof

The growth history of black technology black shoes

From the selection of raw materials to the fusion of waterproof technology to the success of the testing experiment, it is formed after 72 fine processes, and comprehensive testing achieves a new and unique effect of strong waterproof and anti-fouling. Give you a worry-free foot experience and travel the world smoothly.
The first stage: material collection→material analysis→material selection→technology integration
The second stage process technology → waterproof coating → fabric fusion → precision adjustment
The third stage: waterproof test→environmental test→duration test→test success
The fourth stage 72 processes → sample forming → comprehensive inspection → finished product shipment

Afraid of getting dirty and troublesome, just wear black shoes One more pair is not much, and one less pair is troublesome!

Smart black shoes:
Extend in all directions, 1 pair is done!
Solve the four major pain points and have eight advantages
【Four Links】
〇Waterproof 〇Breathable 〇Cleaning 〇Saving

Waterproof and breathable

Strong waterproof inside and outside
Apply the hydrophobicity principle of lotus leaf nanostructure

Highly breathable from the inside out
Million-hole knitting technology
Water molecules cannot pass through> Gas molecules can pass through

Anti-fouling and quick cleaning

Lotus leaf self-cleaning effect
Water drops roll off the shoe
Can remove adsorbed dust and impurities
Achieve water and oil resistance

Environmental protection, safety, and labor-saving
Oil stains, cola, coffee, etc. can fall off quickly
Reduced detergent pollution to the environment

Product performance

High-level cost, every place is particular

1. Soft bombs do not tire your feet
Popcorn improved blessing up to 50° elasticity value

2. Purify and not smelly feet
Patented insole, funnel-type one-way perspiration
12 hours of battery life, refreshing, moisture absorption, and healthier

3. Skin-friendly but not foot-friendly
One-piece knitting, like a layer of skin with zero feeling

4. Lightweight and no pressure
Only 195g lightweight, more flexible movement

5. Convenient one step
Simple and stylish, easy to wear, easy to take off and go out quickly

6. Anti-skid is safer
Dragon claw outsole, strong grip not afraid of slippery

7. Almighty multi-scene
Running, commuting, leisure, and other all-round access

8. Wild mysterious black
Simple color matching, only black, a pair of shoes

Kindly Note :
(1)What you see is what you get, our products are all from a Chinese original brand factory. They are all top quality.
(2)We Ship shoes without boxes.The reasons are as below:
a. Based on a lot of experience, most shoe boxes are broken when buyers receive them due to long and different journeys.
b. If we ship shoes with boxes, the weight will be more heavy, for so many buyers have to pay taxes.
We want our buyers to just spend less money to get the same product.
c. Buyers care for shoes rather than boxes. We will put shoes in much lighter and safer material in every package.
We ensure our buyers will receive them in good condition.








Shoe Size

3.5, 4, 5, 5.5, 6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 12.5


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